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Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) FAQs

Who is required to take the exam?
The TEAS is required of all applicants to the Regular and Accelerated Prelicensure BSN tracks at FIU. Absolutely no exemptions or substitutions are made for this admission requirement.

When is the exam offered?
The exam is offered at FIU on select weekdays as scheduled by the University Testing Center. Testing at FIU is typically on various Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings &/or afternoons. The University Testing Center sets the testing schedule; additional details are available through their main page at

Besides FIU, where can I take the exam?
We will accept TEAS test results taken at a regionally accredited college or university testing center in Florida and throughout the nation; it is also available at PSI Testing Centers around the country. Alternative testing locations should be contacted directly to make a testing appointment.

Do I need to apply to FIU before I am able to take the exam?
No; the University Testing Center has open, year round testing, which does not require one to be an active FIU applicant. Additional details are available directly from that office as they coordinate the registration and payment process. Their main page is

How do I pay for the exam? How much does it cost?
For those testing at FIU, the exam fee is $80.

What version of the TEAS is required?
FIU will only recognize TEAS version VI results.

How many times can I take the TEAS for one admission period?
An applicant may only take the exam TWO times in an admission cycle (April-July). All TEAS version VI attempts, however, MUST be supplied to the School of Nursing by 5:00 PM on the deadline of the term sought. Late scores are not accepted. Your scores are reflected on your Individual Performance Profile, which is accessible as a .pdf.
Any additional attempts would be null and void, even if the student was unable to meet the minimum requirements as set by the faculty in their first two attempts. Note: Each testing site may have its own policies regarding how often or how many times one may take the TEAS. Consult directly with your testing site regarding this. The FIU University Testing Center will permit two (2) attempts per admission cycle.
Official test results include the number of attempts made on any version of the TEAS, as well as the number of days between the current and last attempt. Submit all attempts so that we can ensure that the best score within the deadline is used.

How can I study for the TEAS?
Study material can be found at and is also available for purchase on Amazon.

How can I submit scores?
ALL APPLICANTS, regardless of testing site, must submit unofficial scores with their application package. Scores can be retrieved for free at with the username and password employed during the exam. If the exam was not taken at FIU, applicant must submit an official copy to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Student Services Department (address found on application). TEAS results can be sent to additional schools you select for $26.00 per results report at the following link.
It is very important to note that TEAS scores must be submitted with each and every application for the nursing Track. The Track is not able to go back into the many old application hardcopy files or tracking spreadsheets to pull old scores. It is the responsibility of the applicants to provide the scores each time. Those who are reapplying are strongly encouraged to take the exam again.


How can I verify that my scores were received?
Applicants will receive an email confirming their application status.

Is there a minimum score on the TEAS? What is the average score that is historically accepted?
There are two minimum scores an applicant must achieve on the TEAS. Applicants must meet both minimum scores to be considered as a qualified applicant.

  • Minimum 70% Comprehensive score
  • Minimum 62% Science Score

How is my score used in the admissions process at FIU?
The TEAS score is 15% of one’s competitive rank. The other 65% come from the cumulative GPA, science GPA, extracurricular activities, and other deciding factors. The test is very important to the selection process.

If I take the TEAS version VI multiple times, how will the School of Nursing use my multiple attempts? Can sections from different attempts be combined for the best overall score?
While the College of Nursing and Health Sciences requires the submission of all TEAS version VI attempts, it will not cross-combine the best score per section from different attempts. Instead, it will sum the Reading, Math, Science, and English sections from each individual attempt to determine the one best overall attempt. Once the best attempt has been identified after the application deadline, the lower attempt is removed and the best TEAS score will be used for the application.