Global Initiative for Cannabinoid Research and Education

Research Initiatives   

The Global Initiative for Cannabinoid Research and Education at Florida International University has established goals of studying the efficacy of cannabis and its relationship with pain, anxiety, inflammation, sleep, performance and various medical conditions. The following questions form the foundation for the current cannabinoid research initiatives:

  • Which isolates, broad-spectrum, and/or full-spectrum applications of cannabinoids demonstrate efficacy related to pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep, and performance?
  • What short-term side effects, if any, exist with the use of various combinations of cannabinoids
  • What are the recommended safe dosages for cannabinoid administration?
  • What methods of cannabinoid administration demonstrate efficacy and best practice?
  • Are any health-related disorders or medical conditions altered by the intervention of cannabinoids
  • How does the endocannabinoid system actually work within the body?
  • How do phytocannabinoids impact pharmacokinetic profiles?
  • What are the legal, ethical, and sociocultural impacts of cannabis on society?
  • How is cannabis education delivered in academic curriculum?
  • Does cannabinoid use differ based upon gender, body weight, ethnicity, or age?