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Admission and Advising

Graduate education, and Nurse Anesthetist education in particular, is a major undertaking academically, professionally, emotionally, and financially. In every real sense, Nurse Anesthetist education is very much comparable to a typical residency program. Classroom, clinical time and study time average around 60 hours per week. As such, this is a full-time graduate program and outside employment is not realistic and not consistent with the demands and expectations of such a program. Applicants are strongly encouraged to research all aspects of this undertaking carefully. You are highly encouraged to speak with practicing CRNAs and Anesthesiologists, current Nurse Anesthetist Residents or faculty to observe and/or discuss the practice of modern anesthesia care.

The faculty and staff of the Nursing Anesthetist department are also here to help you make the right decisions. We are available to help prospective students through the steps for program application and enrollment; guide current students through the curriculum; and assist all students with their questions about the program costs, time requirements and more. Our goal is to help support you on your academic career toward academic success here at FIU to achieve professional success in the future.

Military Service Members – Active, Reserve, Veterans

The Department of Nurse Anesthetist Practice Service Member CRNA Project is a  special initiative for our active, reserve or veteran service member applicants and students.  We offer career and educational program advising to medics, pre-nursing, and nursing service members who are interested in a career as a nurse anesthetist. We also offer advanced entry application processing to military nurses on Service Scholarships and to veteran nurses on GI Bill or VA Benefit support. If you are an active, reserve or veteran service member with an interest in a career as a nurse anesthetist we invite you to contact us today for further information: 305-348-7747 or

For program application and enrollment assistance, contact:

Mairelys DeLaGuardia

Coordinator, Academic Support Services

FIU Anesthesiology Nursing Program | 305-348-7747

Modesto A. Maidique Campus – AHC 3, Rm. 342

11200 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33199

Advising for Current Students is done by all program faculty and students are assigned to their specific faculty mentor.