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Clinical and Field Work

Students will be provided with the opportunity to gain clinical education experiences at the collegiate level, at local high schools, at sports medicine clinics, and at community/special events while enrolled in the Clinical Education I-V courses. The clinical education gained during the Clinical Education I-V rotations will count towards the total hours necessary to be eligible for graduation.

In all clinical education rotations, students will be supervised by a qualified Clinical Perceptor associated with the Athletic Training Program. Students are required to complete clinical education hours for academic credit while enrolled in the Clinical Education I-V courses.

The majority of the clinical education hours obtained by the Athletic Training Student will be accumulated during team coverage that occurs between the hours of noon and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Athletic events also occur on the weekends so these clinical education rotations may include Saturday and Sunday events as well as traveling. Students are given comparable relief (days off) from clinical experiences during the academic year as compared to other student academic and student activities (i.e., athletics) offered by Florida International University or the clinical site. Students are not required to obtain clinical education hours when the University is closed.

The Requirements and Forms necessary for the clinical education of athletic training students can be found in the Athletic Training Policies and Procedures Manual


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