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Research Equipments

 [In Human Performance LAB]

QTM system. (9-camera) is Motion Capture software for tracking all kind of movements through 9 installed cameras in an efficient and user-friendly way. This allows users to perform 2D, 3D, and 6DOF capture of data in real-time. QTM fulfills the needs of all types of users in various range of applications such as medical sciences, industrial ergonomics and so on.  

Visual 3D software for Motion analysis is Clinical and research application which is designed and developed by C-Motion Inc.. It has various features as: (1) real-time data streaming and data capture; (2)advanced modeling capabilities; (3) creating normative data for reporting; and etc.  

NeuroCOM is Computerized system for the assessment and treatment for balance and mobility disorders. It helps to analyze human ability to maintain balance is a complex process that depends on several major components: (1) sensory systems for accurate body position's information; (2) information related to the brain's processing ability; and (3) coordinating the movements required to maintain balance. 

Mobile-EYE XG (Eye-tracker) is available to record highly accurate point of eye-gazing with audio capability which allows participant to move feely within the environment due to its light weight and portability. It is not only able to track the participant's eye, but also its head and body movement. 

DataLink (DLK900) is a device for on-line data collection which is wearable and also programmable data aquisition system. 

DataLog MWX8 is the latest technology for data acquisition which meets the needs of researchers for colecting and monitoring human performance and movement for their various objectives.  

EMG machines are mainly used to detect and to record the signals that are generated by muscle cells. Through analyzing these signals, it is possible to find out medical abnormalities or biomechanics of movement. It can be analyzed in two forms, such as placed in the surface of the skin, or inserted directly into the muscle.