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LEED® Certified & Sustainable

University's First LEED® Building

The NHS Building is a successful example of the University's commitment to environmental awareness and preservation.  It is the first green, LEED-certified structure in FIU's history, earning its Silver Certification for exceptional sustainability in design, construction and operation.

Green Roof Showcases Sustainability

Miami's very first living Green Roof is an aesthetically appealing, low-maintenance xeriscape planted atop the second-floor exterior corridor. The Green Roof, which is only sustained by natural rainwater, insulates the walkway below and absorbs the heat and ultraviolet effects of the sun's rays from hitting the building directly.

Other eco-friendly features include:

  • Occupancy and daylight dimming sensor lighting in classrooms and offices
  • Sunrise/sunset timers to manage landscape, building exterior and lobby lighting
  • Laminated glass windows, metal shade "eyebrows" and light shelves to minimize heat build-up and solar loads
  • Energy recovery systems that capture cool and dry building exhaust air to pre-cool incoming fresh air
  • Variable flow water and air systems to reduce energy use during off-peak occupancy and climate conditions

A Disaster-Resistant Facility Built to Endure

The University's location in hurricane-prone South Florida was also taken into account during the planning stages.  A "disaster-resistant" design and several code-plus measures were used for hurricane and flood mitigation, including:

  • Backup power for critical systems
  • Laminated glass window assemblies that can withstand debris impact of more than 110 mph
  • Roof-mounted equipment anchored by tension cables and enclosed behind louvers rated for wind velocity
  • Ridged mats that reduce water ingress at doorway thresholds

These measures and more were taken to ensure the continuity of operations so critical to the research and clinical functions taking place in the NHS Building.