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Frequently Asked Questions

My undergraduate major is not in Speech-Language Pathology/Communication Sciences and Disorders. Can I still apply to the master's program? 
You need to apply to the Graduate Certificate in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) program to complete ALL of the ten (10) required prerequisites courses prior to starting the master's program. You may apply to the master’s program while still taking the prerequisites.

When are prerequisite courses offered? 
All ten (10) prerequisite courses are offered almost every semester, including summer sessions.

What should I major in at FIU since you do not offer a BS in Speech-Language Pathology? 
We recommend that students major in related fields such as Psychology, Linguistics, Education, Special Education, or Health Services Administration.

How do I get a packet of information? 
You may call us at (305) 348-2710 or email us at to request one. Additionally, all of the information is available on this website.

How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor? 
After you have reviewed your information packet or the website, you may schedule an appointment with an advisor by calling our office at (305) 348-2710.

How many credits can I transfer from another university? 
Six (6) graduate credits with a grade of “B” or higher may be transferable. Discuss the transfer of credits with your advisor or the department chairperson.

What is the due date for the application packets? 
Completed application packets for the Masters SLP program should be submitted by January 15th of every year. Students who are accepted enroll in the fall semester.  Dates for the Graduate Certificate in CSD are listed elsewhere on the website.

Do I turn in everything to the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders? 
No, instructions regarding where to mail different components of the application are listed here.

If some courses are not offered during a certain semester, will they be offered the following semester? 
Graduate courses with the semester in which they are offered are listed on the Graduate Program of Study.

How long is the Master's Program? 
Students must enroll full-time and follow the Graduate Program of Study. The program is completed in six (6) semesters (two full years).