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FIU nursing students are not just committed to excelling in their studies, but excelling in life and making a difference by engaging South Florida’s diverse populations through service, leadership and example.

Check out these student-driven groups that can help you make your years as an FIU nursing students memorable ones.


Class Governance

All nursing students are encouraged to participate in the various campus activities and University governance. The NWCNHS also provides opportunities for nursing students to participate in College governance.

Each entering class nominates and elects its own officers, including a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary to represent their interests and address concerns at the departmental, college and university levels through dialogue and collaboration with faculty advisors and administrators. Individual classes must consult with the College’s Director of Admissions & Student Services before planning fundraising activities. Fundraising activities should focus on serving the community.


Pi Alpha Chapter – Sigma Theta Tau International

Faculty Counselor: Dr. Audrey Miller | | 305-348-4570 | AHC 3 – Rm. 525A

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), Pi Alpha Chapter - 383, is an Honor Society that offers membership to nursing students and professionals. The goal of STTI is to recognize superior achievement, recognize the development of leadership qualities, foster high professional standards, encourage creative work, and strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession. STTI membership is a rewarding connection with nurses at the local, regional, and international level who share your need to make a difference in global healthcare.

Graduate Students - Master's and Doctoral students enrolled in graduate programs at accredited institutions of higher education who have completed at least ¼ of the nursing curriculum, have achieved academic excellence (at schools where a 4.0 grade point average system is used, this equates to at least a 3.5)

Membership to FIU’s Pi Alpha Chapter is based on GPA and class rank at graduation. Eligible graduates will receive an invitation and application from the Chapter Eligibility Committee.