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Academic Advisement

Upon entry into the program, the student is assigned an Academic Advisor. The student and the Advisor jointly plan the student’s Program of Study. The Advisor works with the student during the initial stages of program development, guiding and monitoring the student’s plan of study. The student and the Advisor have joint responsibility for insuring that each step in fulfilling degree requirements is completed and that an official record is kept.

Students are responsible for arranging to meet with their advisors prior to registering for courses. Students' advisement assignments are intended to ensure advisors’ accessibility to students. Students should see their advisors if they find they are having personal or academic difficulties that could impede their progress toward graduation. Advisement hours are posted outside each faculty member's office and appointments can be made through the secretaries. Appointments at non-posted times can be made directly with the faculty member.

It is not uncommon for students to discover, once in the program, that another faculty member may offer a better match for the student’s research interests than the Advisor initially assigned. It is entirely acceptable for the student to change advisors.

As the student progresses through required courses, he/she needs to identify cognate courses outside of nursing which will complement the student’s nursing preparation and projected area of research. After establishing contact and having course experiences with a range of faculty, the student is usually ready to select a Dissertation Chairperson who will continue to monitor the student’s Plan of Study and direct the student’s Dissertation research. The Dissertation Chairperson may or may not have served as the Academic Advisor.

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