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PhD Student Handbook

Doctorate (PhD) Student Handbook

Table of Contents


1.1. Overview of the University (FIU)

1.2. Overview of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences

1.3. Overview of the PhD Program

Degree Requirements

1.4. Overview of the BSN-to-PhD Program

Degree Requirements

2. General Student Information/Policies & Procedures

Current Address,Phone Number, and E-Mail Address

Professional Conduct and Responsibilities

Students with Disabilities

General Expenses

Background Checks

Financial Aid

3. Student Governance

Pi Alpha Chapter (Sigma Theta Tau)

FIU Graduate Students Association

Nursing Alumni Association

4. General Academic Information/Policies & Procedures

Plan of Study

Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions

Non-Degree Seeking Status

Petition for Exception to Graduate Requirements

Academic Advisement


Full-time Status

Dropping and Adding Courses

Time Limitations for Completion of Degree

Leave of Absence

Withdrawal from the University

Required Forms

5. Academic Conduct and Performance

Standards of Academic Conduct

Course Requirements

Classroom Conduct and Responsibilities


Written Assignments

6. Examinations

Examination Security

Examination Reviews

Failure to Take Examination

7. Grade and Grading

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

Course Grades

Repeating Nursing Courses and Dismissal

Grading Scale

Fzero Grade

Incomplete Grade

Forgiveness Policy

Final Examinations and Grades

Communicating Grades

8. Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal

Academic Warning

Academic Probation


9. Academic Grievance and Appeal

10. The Candidacy Examination

Purpose of Candidacy Examination


Application to Dissertation Candidacy

11. Preparing for the Dissertation

Selection of a Dissertation Chairperson

Selection of Dissertation Committee

Changes in Dissertation Chairperson or Committee Member(s)

12. The Dissertation Proposal


Purpose of the Dissertation Proposal

Developing the Dissertation Proposal

Proposal Defense and Approval

13. Conducting the Dissertation Research

Administrative Approval

FIU Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval

Statistical Consulting

Report of Annual Dissertation Progress Conference

14. Writing the Dissertation

General Guidelines

15. The Dissertation Defense

Preparing the Defense: Preliminary Approval

Announcement for the Dissertation Defense

Format of the Dissertation Defense

16. Final Approval of Dissertation

Signatory Approvals

Submission to the University Graduate School

Electronic Theses and Dissertations Project