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Year Admitted # of students Gender Ethnicity
2017 52 Female: 46
Male: 6
Hispanic: 38
White: 7
Black: 5
Asian: 2
Other: 0
Unknown/not disclosed: 0
2016 54 Female: 49
Male: 5
Hispanic: 37
White: 9
Black: 5
Asian: 2
Other: 0
Unknown/not disclosed: 1
2015 56 Female: 48
Male: 8
Hispanic: 24
White: 17
Black: 7
Asian: 2
Other: 3
Unknown/not disclosed: 3


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Student Organizations

Student Occupational Therapy Association

The mission of the FIU Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is one of aiding and promoting the growth and development of professionalism of both thought and action in students participating in the Occupational Therapy Program. Membership is open to all occupational therapy students who are registered for courses. Officers of SOTA include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. A faculty advisor is assigned to offer suggestions and guidance concerning SOTA’s goals.

Occupational Therapy Honor Society (Pi Theta Epsilon)

The National Occupational Therapy Honor Society is Pi Theta Epsilon. The purposes of the honor society are:

  1. To recognize and encourage scholastic excellence in occupational therapy students;
  2. To contribute to the advancement of the field of occupational therapy through scholarly activities; and
  3. To provide a vehicle for professional entry-level students enrolled in accredited programs in occupational therapy to exchange information and to collaborate on scholarly activities.

Specific membership criteria are available from the Pi Theta Faculty Advisor. The faculty advisor will notify students of their eligibility at the end of the first semester and invite them to become members. In addition to maintaining high academic standards, the students in the honor society are expected to perform a service activity for the community each year. A formal induction ceremony for the Mu Chapter at FIU is held every spring semester.

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