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Day #1: Wednesday, September 19, 2018

           Time        Location                  Event                     CCNE              Escort/Comments
         7:45am          Hotel    Pick-up from hotel and travel to NWCNHS   TBA       Ms. S. Cooper will meet the Evaluators’
                         Lobby                                                        transportation services at hotel and
                                                                                      greet Evaluators.
         8:30am-       AHC-3 529   Ora Lea Strickland, PhD, RN, DSc, FAAN,   TBA      Dr. Y. Gordon and Ms. A. Pol will wait at
         9:00am                   Dean and Professor NWCNHS.                          front door for the Evaluators and escort
                                                                                      to Dean’s Office.
                                                                                      Mrs. S. Garcia will escort Evaluators
                                                                                      from the Dean’s Office to the Resource
         9:00am-       AHC-3 539   Orientation to Resource Room (Call 305-348-  TBA   Dr. M. Scisney-Matlock will make
         9:30m                    0231) for any request when outside                  introductions and provide orientation to
                                  NWCHNS, or call 7-0231 from Resource                Exhibits and Ms. Linda Carty will
                                  Room)                                               demonstrate IT.
                                    Margaret Scisney-Matlock, PhD, RN,
                                    FAAN, Active Professor Emeritus and
                                    Assistant to the Dean for Program                 Ms. M. Cooke will escort the Evaluators
                                    Evaluation ext. (7-7733)                          to Dr. Cornely’s office to begin Walking
                                    Linda Carty, Director, Information                Tour of Building.
                                    Technology, (contact for technology
                                    problems/questions ext. (7-7720)
                                    Hanyzer Lee-Reyes, Senior
                                    Administrative Assistant, (contact for
                                    resource room exhibits and documents
                                    ext. (7-4515)
                                    Sussan Valqui, Program Coordinator
                                    (contact for questions, information, or any
                                    concern, receive all request and contact
                                    responsible person, maintain office
                                    supplies and clerical services ext. (7-
                                    Scherrayn Garcia, Director of
                                    Administrative Services, Office of the
                                    Dean ext. (7-7753)
                                    Alma Pol, Coordinator of Administrative
                                    Services, Office of the Dean ext. (7-0231)
                                    Marguerite “Maggie” Cooke, Director,
                                    Academic Support Services, Office of the
                                    Dean ext. (7-0581)
                                    Yusimit “Yusi” Martinez, Assistant
                                    Director of Academic Support Services,
                                    Office of the Dean ext. (7-7744)

         9:30am-        AHC-3     Helen Cornely, EdD, PT,  Associate Dean   TBA       Mr. F. Irizarri will escort the Evaluators
         10:15am         538A     for Administration, Associate Professor             to Dr. Gordon’s Office.
                                  Physical Therapy, Honors Fellow
                                  Adjua “Maia” McGill, Director of
                                  Fernando Irizarri, Building Manager
                                      “Walking Tour of NWCNHS Building
                                  Henry Henao, Director of STAR Center
         10:15am-       AHC-3     Yhovana Gordon, EdD, DNP, ARNP, FNP-      TBA       Ms. S. Valqui will escort the Evaluators
         10:45am         227      BC,                                                 to the Resource Room
                                  Clinical Assistant Professor, Chair of
                                  Graduate Nursing, Director of Doctor of
                                  Nursing Practice Programs
                                  Charles Buscemi, PhD, ARNP, FNP-BC
                                  Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Chair,
                                  Graduate Nursing
         10:45 am      AHC 3-539   Resource Room                            TBA

         11:15am-        Lobby    Transport to Next Meeting                 TBA       Ms. S. Cooper and Ms. M Cooke will
         11:30am                                                                      transport the Evaluators to Dr. Gil’s
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