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Time        Location                  Event                     CCNE              Escort/Comments
         11:30am-      MARC-430   Andres Gil, PhD                           TBA       Ms. S. Cooper and Ms. M. Cooke will
         12:00pm                  VP of Research and Economic Development/            wait outside Dr. A. Gil’s office and escort
                                  Dean University Graduate School                     to Faculty Club.

         12:00pm-       Faculty   Team Working Luncheon in Faculty Club     TBA       Dr. C. Buscemi to escort the Evaluators
         01:15pm         Club                                                         to Resource Room
                                  Charles Buscemi, PhD, ARNP, FNP-BC
                                  Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Chair,
                                  Graduate Nursing

                                  Advanced Practice Program Leaders:
                                  Deana Goldin, PhD, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC,
                                  Clinical Assistant Professor
                                  Rosa Roche, PhD, ARNP, PNP-BC, Clinical
                                  Assistant Professor
                                  Carmen Framil, DNP, ARNP, ANP-BC,
                                  Clinical Assistant Professor
                                  Monica Scaccianoce, DNP, ARNP,
                                  PMHNP-BC, Clinical Assistant Professor
         01:15pm       AHC 3-539   Resource Room                             All

         1:40pm                   Transport to Next Meeting                 TBA       Ms. S. Cooper and Ms. M. Cooke will
                                                                                      drive the Evaluators to Dr. Furton’s
         02:00pm-       PC-526    Kenneth Furton, PhD                       TBA       Ms. S. Cooper and Ms. M. Cooke will
         02:30pm       (Provost’s   Provost,  Executive Vice  President for           wait for the Evaluators and transport
                         office)   Academic Affairs, Chief Operating Officer          them to AHC 3-Main Lobby Area
         2:30pm-       AHC3-101   Transport to Next Meeting                 TBA       Dr. C. Buscemi will escort the
         2:45pm       Lobby Area                                                      Evaluators to the Meeting with Faculty
                                                                                      and wait outside AHC 101 door.
         02:45pm-      AHC3-101    Meeting with Faculty [No faculty         TBA       After meeting with Faculty Dr. C.
         03:30pm                  administrators or staff present.]                   Buscemi will escort team back to
                                                                                      Resource Room.
                                   Hosted by Dr. Charles Buscemi (outside of
         3:30pm-       AHC3-539   Resource Room                             TBA       Ms. A. Pol and Ms. S. Valqui will escort
         5:00pm                                                                       the Evaluators to the van for departure
                                                                                      to the Hotel.
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