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Day #2: Thursday, September 20, 2018

           Time     Location                   Event                    Site              Escort/Comments
         7:15am     Hotel Lobby   Pick up at hotel                      TBA    Evaluators’ transportation services will drive the
                                                                               CCNE team to NWCNHS. Ms. S. Cooper to wait at
                                                                               front door to escort the Evaluators to Dean’s Office.
         8:00am-    AHC3- 529   Ora Lea Strickland, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean of   TBA   Ms. Garcia escort the Evaluators from the Dean
         8:20am                NWCNHS                                          Office to the main lobby area for transport to next
         8:20am-               Transport to Next Meeting                TBA    Ms. S. Cooper and Ms.  M. Cooke will escort
         9:00am                                                                Evaluators to the President’s office and wait outside.
         9:00am-     PC-528     Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg                   TBA    Ms. S. Cooper and Ms. M. Cooke will drive the
         9:30am                    President, FIU                              Evaluators back to NWCNHS building and escort the
                                                                               team to the Resource Room or the next meeting at
         09:40am               Escort to Next Meeting or Resource Room   TBA   Ms. S. Cooper and Ms. M. Cooke will escort Dr.
                                                                               Glenda Smith to Dr. D. Glymph’s office and the other
                                                                               Evaluators to the Resource Room.
         9:30am-    AHC3- 539   Resource Room                           TBA
         10:00am-   AHC3- 137   Derrick Glymph, DNAP, CRNA              TBA    Dr. D. Glymph will escort Dr. Glenda Smith from his
         10:30am               Topic: Online graduate course review            office to Dr. V. Gordon’s Office.
                               NGR 7769- Patient Safety and Quality
                               Improvement in Health Care
         10:20am               Escort to Next Meeting                   TBA    Ms. S. Valqui will also escort any Dr. Kay Reeve to
                                                                               Dr. V. Gordon’s office
         10:30am-     AHC3-    Vanessa Gordon, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC, Director of   TBA   Dr. V. Gordon will escort Dr. Glenda Smith and Dr.
         11:00am       539     Clinical Education, Graduate Nursing            Kay Reeve to either Dr. Cornely’s Office or the main
                               Topic: Demonstration of Typhon                  lobby for transport to the library. (To be determined)
         11:00am-              Transport to Next Meeting                TBA    Ms. S. Cooper and Ms.  M. Cooke will escort
         11:15am                                                               Evaluator(s) to the Library.
                    AHC3-538A   Helen Cornely, Ed D, PT, Associate Dean for   TBA   Dr. H. Cornely will escort the Evaluator(s) to the
         11:00am-              Administration, Associate Professor Physical    Resource Room.
         11:30am               Therapy, Honors Fellow
                               Topic: College Resources
         11:15am-     Green    Barbara Sorondo, Assistant Librarian, Library   TBA   Ms. S. Cooper and Ms. M. Cooke will drive
         11:45pm      Library   Operations                                     Evaluator(s) to the library and wait outside.   Ms.
                                                                               Cooper and Ms. Cooke will drive the Evaluator(s)
                                                                               back to AHC3-101 main lobby area.
         11:45am-              Escort to Lunch                          TBA    Ms. S. Valqui will escort Evaluator(s) from the
         12:00pm                                                               Resource Room to luncheon.
         12:00pm-   AHC3-101   Luncheon with DNP Students               TBA    Evaluators will remain in AHC3-101 for next
         1:00pm                                                                meeting.
         1:15pm-    AHC3-101   Nursing Advisory Council (NAC)           TBA    Ms. S. Garcia will escort the Evaluators from NAC
         2:15pm                                                                meeting to Mr. Martinez’s office
         2:30pm-    ACH3-535   Victor Martinez, Assistant Dean for Budget and   TBA   Mr. V. Martinez will escort the Evaluators to the
         3:00pm                Finance                                         Resource Room
                               Topic: DNP Budget
         3:00pm-    ACH3-539   Resource Room                            TBA    Ms. A. Pol and Ms. S. Valqui will escort the
         5:00pm                                                                Evaluators from the Resource Room to the
                                                                               transportation services for departure to the Hotel.
         3:00pm-               Transport to Clinical Site               TBA    Sussan Valqui will escort Dr. Glenda Smith to main
         3:30pm                                                                lobby area for pick-up by Linda Carty.  Dr. V. Gordon
                                                                               and Ms. L. Carty to drive Dr. Smith to IMC Medical.
         3:30pm      Site Visit   Clinical Site Collaborator Visit: IMC Medical   TBA   Ms. L. Carty will drive Dr. Glenda Smith to the Hotel

         5:00pm                Depart for Hotel                         TBA    Transportation services to drive the Evaluators to
                                                                               the Hotel.
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