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Community Engagement

The Department has directed greater attention to integrate faculty research, external funding and faculty serviceto community engagement. The following are examples of ongoing community engagement activities:


Transfer-related patient falls and healthcare provider musculoskeletal injuries in hospitals: Research outcomes of work with seven Baptist Hospitals: The ongoing research will provide information on the rates, associations and mechanisms for transfer-related patient falls and health care provider musculoskeletal injuries, and potential ways to reduce them. An NIH grant is pending. Benefits to the facilities: The long-term goals of this research are aimed at contributing to safer hospital environments to both patients and providers by reducing the rates of patient falls and health care provider musculoskeletal injuries.


Outcome Measures in Knee Arthroplasty Research outcomes of work with Holy Cross Hospital: The research outcomes from ongoing studies at Holy Cross Hospital will provide valuable information on perception of physical function, expectations of having knee replacement surgery, and physical performance in the first few months after surgery. These data are necessary for future grant submissions. Two NIH grants have recently been submitted but not funded. A further grant will be submitted in 2013. Benefits to the facility: Being that the first six months post-surgery is critical to reaching rehabilitation potential, the results of our work will help guide current physician and rehabilitation practice early after knee replacement.


Medical Academy for Science & Technology Benefits to the facility: To assist the new Medical Magnet in Miami-Dade County, Medical Academy for Science and Technology (MAST @ Homestead) with the development of the Physical Therapy Academy Benefit to Physical Therapy: Provides opportunity for our DPT students to mentor MAST students. The initiative will promote recruitment of highly qualified students to FIU and eventually the DPT program.


Pediatric Intensive Therapy Benefit to Physical Therapy: The Department of Physical Therapy has developed a potential partnership with Peder Esden Bilde, who is the Director of the Helene Elsass Center (HEC) in Copenhagen, Denmark. HEC has risen rapidly to prominence as a world leader in the development, implementation and evaluation of techniques, technologies, and programs designed to improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy and related disorders.This collaboration is new but we feel has the potential for external research funding and clearly manifests both local and global engagement.