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Welcome to the STAR Center

The Simulation Teaching and Research Center is a facility where learners are exposed to a wide range of realistic experiences. The STAR Center runs all simulation educational clinical training for the nursing students at Florida International University. The STAR Center welcomes other health care practices such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, anesthesia, social work and many more. it has also been the home of various projects for filming productions of all kinds such as music videos, shows and commercial filming domestic and foreign. 

  • The STAR Center is 20,000 sq. ft resembling a modern hospital setting. The venue can hold up to 130 people at a time.
  • It is complete with fully functioning amenities such as: a prep-scrubbing station, a critical care unit, and operating rooms with surgical tools.
  • Eight simulation suites emulate actual operating rooms and primary care clinics with the full-complement of diagnostic equipment for patient care.
  • A 15-bed critical care unit complete with a nurse’s station, bedside equipment and the capability to be divided into two separate teaching labs for skills instruction.


Explore Our Facility in 3D