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Scholarship Information


Each year the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers a variety of “donor” scholarships for deserving students across our programs. Admitted students to the College will be invited to apply during the Summer semester using the University’s scholarship website using the Academic Works system by logging into It is important to continuously access this site, as it is updated with all University scholarships, along with specific application deadlines.

All students interested in being considered for a scholarship must qualify to complete an online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) for the academic year.   This information is extremely important in the scholarship awarding process and must be completed for you to be considered as an eligible scholarship applicant.  

Once application deadlines past, the NWCNHS Scholarship Committee will be responsible for reviewing applications and awarding scholarships to students based on academic merit, financial need, essay quality, as well as specific donor criteria (if noted).  Scholarship awards normally take place during the Fall semester.  Note: Scholarship awards from the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences may reduce other awards and loans, or the direct receipt of the money to students.

Below is a listing of past scholarships awarded by the College, which are comprised of multiple individual contributing funds, and may or may not be available each year.  Many of these scholarships may require community service hours and/or post-graduation work commitments.   In addition to these scholarships, students are always encouraged to explore additional sources of financial support external to the College. 

Past Scholarships:

Florence Bayuk Educational Trust
Beren Foundation
Stephen Burns Nursing Scholarship
Mary Jo Garrity Memorial OT Scholarship
Citrus Health Network, Inc.
Community Health of South Florida 
Dr. Stephen and Abby Dresnick Nursing Scholarship 
Greg Esposito  Physical Therapy Memorial Scholarship
Diane Faulconer Graduate Nursing Scholarship
Florida Blue Nursing Scholarship
Betty Florman Nursing Scholarship
Arnold S. Friedman Memorial Scholarship
Helen Fuld Health Trust Accelerated Nursing Scholarship

William Guttierrez Physical Therapy Scholarship
Health Foundation of South Florida
Miami Children's Hospital
North Dade Medical Foundation, Inc.
Peacock Foundation, Inc.
PINECREST Physical Therapy Athletic Training Scholarship
Dr. Luz Porter PhD in Nursing Scholarship
Mathew Forbes Romer Foundation, Inc.
Smiley's Voice Foundation Nursing Scholarship
Marilyn Trager Nursing Award
Nicole Wertheim Scholars
U18 Athletic Training Scholarship
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Nursing Scholarship


Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship

The scholarship covers up to 18,000 in tuition, and students receive $15,000 for studying a qualifying foreign language. the application deadline is February 2, 2018. For more information on FLAS click here

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (SDS)

The SDS applications for the following departments (OT, PT, Speech, Undergraduate Nursing, Graduate Nursing) are currently unavailable. Departments will not receive notice of funding from HRSA until early September. As more information becomes available, this site will be updated. If you have questions regarding this mechanism, please contact your department.