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The vision of our inquiry-driven and technologically advanced college is to be globally recognized for our leadership in the positive transformation of healthcare delivery and in supporting the needs of underserved populations. Your support and investment in the FIU Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences will continue to make a difference for our students, faculty, alumni and the many communities we serve directly through our work.

NWCNHS annual report 20162017-18 Annual Report 

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  • $13M

    in aggregate unmet financial need

  • 50%

    of students finance their education through scholarships, loans or stipends

  • $628,000

    in scholarships awarded annually by the college

Your Gift Can Support:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships for our Nursing and Health Sciences Students
    We are proud that 70% of our student body is ethnically diverse. Most of our students, however, need to work part-time or full-time while attending school. More than half of our undergraduates qualify for Pell grants, meaning they come from low-income households.
  • Doctoral Student Fellowships
    Your investments in doctoral student fellowships will ensure that health professionals with passion and capacity have the resources to reach the highest levels of educational attainment in their fields and accomplish their goals.
  • Technology and Space
    An outstanding healthcare education needs to incorporate the best spaces for learning and innovation, as well as new technologies – the same technologies students will encounter in the workplace. At this juncture, we need support for well-equipped labs and lecture halls. We also seek to develop an entrepreneurial culture at the college, supporting the development and commercialization of new healthcare products. 
    • Computer Lab and Testing Center
    • Auditorium and Lecture Hall
    • Preventive Healthcare and Assessment Technologies Innovation Incubator Endowments

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Maia McGill, Director of Development
FIU Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Direct: 305-348-1336 (office)
Mobile: 585-201-9151

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