Neal, Tim

Timothy Neal, MS, AT, ATC, CCISM

Tim is an athletic trainer, and a member of the NATA Hall of Fame who currently serves as an Assistant professor and the director of the athletic training program at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He previously spent 35 years as a clinical athletic trainer and adjunct professor at Syracuse University and has been named a NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer. Tim has chaired NATA Inter-Association Consensus Statements on psychological concerns in student-athletes, and served on the writing group for the 2014 NATA Position Statement on Pre Participation Physical Examinations and Medically Disqualifying Conditions. He has also been a NATA Liaison to the NCAA football rules committee, a member of the NCAA task forces on student-athlete mental health and wellness, sleep and wellness and is the immediate past chair of the NATA Committee on Professional Ethics. Tim is a founding member of the NATA ATs Care Committee, and a member of the NATA Professional Responsibility in Athletic Training Committee. He has dozens of articles in peer and non-peer reviewed journals, and has presented to numerous audiences on various sports medicine, ethical, and risk management topics. He earned his Master's degree at Syracuse University, and his Bachelor's degree from Ohio University.