Student Centric

Designed with Students in Mind

The AHC 3 Building combines high-tech teaching spaces with high-touch elements that range from a one-stop student services area to multiple gathering spots, all placed in surroundings that reflect the building's mission of health and wellness education.

Our educational training labs are complemented by other areas throughout the AHC 3 Building that support a conducive learning environment:

  • 90-Station Computer Suite
  • Long-Distance Learning Classrooms
  • Debriefing Rooms
  • Auditorium
  • Dedicated PhD student room with study carrels
  • Student-centric lobbies on floors 2-5 designed for interprofessional collaboration and study

We worked closely with the building's architects to create a comfortable, calming learning environment that would be socially inviting as well as academically progressive.

Our students can take advantage of the countless seating areas throughout the building. There are comfortable chairs, sofas, lounges and benches where they can congregate, catch up on the latest chapter in their textbooks, or even take a well-earned nap between - not through - classes.