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STAR Center

Patient Care Experience & Research through Advanced Technology

A remarkable new building for the College of Nursing & Health Sciences stands as the new gateway to the FIU Academic Health Center on the Modesto Maidique Campus in Miami. At its educational core is our exclusive Simulation Teaching And Research Center, a.k.a., STAR Center.

Here, our students and faculty have access to innovative resources, technologies and teaching environments that provide abundant opportunities for interdisciplinary instruction and collaboration, prepares graduates to quickly integrate into today's healthcare system, and encourages advanced research in healthcare delivery and practice.

We've created functionally flexible laboratories that give our students across the healthcare disciplines unparalleled opportunities to learn under various real-life, real-time scenarios and settings, from emergency/trauma response to clinical vital check-ups, to surgical procedures and more. Cutting-edge simulation equipment, digital imaging systems, closed circuit monitoring, web-based technologies and more help our students develop clinical and critical thinking skills, and support our faculty in performing groundbreaking research benefiting a wide spectrum of patient care.

The extraordinary capabilities of the NWCNHS STAR Center provide learning and research opportunities that were unimaginable just a couple of decades ago. We're committed to giving our students and faculty the resources they need to be Worlds Ahead on their path to becoming skilled nursing and healthcare professionals, researchers and leaders who can work together as a team to improve the continuum of care for all.