The FIU Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS-AT) curriculum is grounded in hands-on, learner-centered education and evidence-based practice to equip students with the clinical and interpersonal skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and ethical reasoning abilities required to be successful in the profession.

Courses & Syllabi

The FIU MS-AT degree is a rigorous and intense program that places specific requirements and demands on students.  All courses align with the program’s overall objectives to instruct, evaluate and provide learning over time for the students in the following domains:

  • Injury/illness prevention and wellness protection
  • Examination, assessment and diagnosis
  • Immediate and emergency care
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Healthcare administration and professional responsibility

Visit the FIU Catalog for full course descriptions and program requirements.

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  • Select “Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences”

Enrolled students can download the program syllabi from FIU Sharepoint - AT Programs.

Total Credits Required:  58

  • Semester 1: Summer B (8 credits)
    • ATR 5105C: Principles of Athletic Training (4 credits)
    • ATR 5115C: Management of Medical Emergencies (3 credits)
    • ATR 5805: Clinical Education Seminar in Athletic Training (1 credit)
  • Semester 2: Fall (11 credits)
    • ATR 5217C: Orthopedic Assessment I – Lower Extremity (4 credits)
    • ATR 5305C: Therapeutic Modalities (4 credits)
    • ATR 5815L: Clinical Education I (3 credits)
  • Semester 3: Spring (11 credits)
    • ATR 5218C: Orthopedic Assessment II – Upper Extremity (4 credits)
    • ATR 5316C: Rehabilitation Techniques in Athletic Training (4 credits)
    • ATR 5825L: Clinical Education II (3 credits)
  • Semester 4: Summer C (10 credits)
    • ATR 5219C: Orthopedic Assessment III – Head, Spine, and Trunk (4 credits)
    • ATR 5435: Diseases and Disabilities in the Physically Active (3 credits)
    • ATR 5835L: Clinical Education III (3 credits)
  • Semester 5: Fall (9 credits)
    • ATR 5517: Administration and Professionalism in Athletic Training (3 credits)
    • ATR 5845L: Clinical Education IV (3 credits)
    • ATR 6620: Research and Evidenced-Based Practice in Athletic Training I (3 credits)
  • Semester 6: Spring (9 credits)
    • ATR 6425: Pharmacology and Diagnostic Imaging in Athletic Training (3 credits)
    • ATR 6621: Research and Evidenced-Based Practice in Athletic Training I (3 credits)
    • ATR 6855L: Clinical Education V (3 credits)

All courses must be taken in sequence. Course sequence may be modified by the department.