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Thank you for visiting the Healthcare Executive Student Organization (HESO) website. We hope that you find the following information answers many of your questions as we encourage you to become a member today!

HESO is a student run organization primarily comprised of Health Services Administration undergraduate and graduate students. However, all FIU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join and participate!

While meeting attendance is highly encouraged and valued, students who are unable to attend can easily find ways to remain involved. HESO works hard to accommodate and include all student members through various activities offered through the organization. 

Please contact us if you have any questions at We hope to see you soon!

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The Healthcare Executive Student Organization (HESO) seeks to advance the professional goals of our members and expand their knowledge of healthcare management excellence, through high ethical standards, pertinent training, and interactions with experienced healthcare professionals.

Benefits of Joining

Relationships – Networking is a vital component of your career growth in the field. As you meet other peers who may be more experienced, you will have the opportunity to build relationships and have mentors from whom you can learn as you advanced in your career.

Knowledge - Membership in HESO exposes you to the vast array of career resources as well as professional associations available to both early careerists and those with prior experience within the field of healthcare administration. These resources can serve as an added learning tool which greatly increases your marketability as you enter the workforce or seek to advance your career.

Leadership – As a member of HESO, you are given the opportunity to develop or hone your leadership skills by participating and arranging many of the events held by HESO. As an added value, you can increase your visibility within your program and faculty members will be able to attest to both your academic and much sought-after leadership skills when you are in need of recommendation letters.

Join HESO Today!

General Member and Executive Board Applications. Please select the application for the position you are applying.

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Executive Board Application

Do you want to be more involved with HESO and gain leadership experience? HESO is looking for students to fill leadership positions in HESO. Be part of the Executive Board (E-board) of HESO. Positions available include president, vice-president, treasurer, and RSOC representative.