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MHSA Mission:

To attract, retain, and acquire a diverse population of students with the skillset to become intellectually, professionally, and ethically competent health services managers and administrators. The program will enable students to develop a comprehensive, practical, and interdisciplinary set of core competencies, knowledge, skills, and values for a role in various healthcare settings to improve healthcare quality.

MHSA Vision:

The MHSA aims to become the leading healthcare services administration program with comprehensive, dynamic, industry-specific, multicultural, and global competency-based skills to exalt high-quality healthcare systems.

BHSA Mission:

The Bachelor of Health Services Administration’s mission at Florida International University is to prepare diverse students to become health services managers and leaders in the delivery of high quality, accessible, culturally competent, evidence-based management of healthcare organizations within an ever changing, highly technological and global environment. This program focuses on a balance of evidence- and value-based approaches to healthcare management and policies that promote globally ethical community health and healthcare services with a special emphasis on inter-professional collaboration within our local and global multicultural populations.

BHSA Vision:

The Bachelor of Health Services Administration’s vision is to become the leading healthcare management program known locally and globally for developing exceptional managers and global leaders within multicultural, multigenerational and multilingual healthcare organizations.

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