Mission, Vision & Goals

Our Mission

The Department of Physical Therapy at Florida International University contributes to the health of the global community. Our student-centered program prepares an ethnically, racially and culturally diverse group of students to be caring and competent Doctors of Physical Therapy. The department fosters critical thinking, scholarship and leadership through the conduct of an evidenced-based curriculum and dissemination of basic and clinical interdisciplinary research related to populations who have, or are at risk for, developing movement problems. Faculty and students engage in community activity that aligns with our research and teaching.

Our Vision

The vision of the FIU Department of Physical Therapy is to remain a national leader in physical therapy education and research.

Our Goals

#1: To improve the quality and scope of departmental research. 
#2: To improve student-centered academic excellence. 
#3: To increase the depth of professional service and community engagement.

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