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FIU’s Physical Therapy clinical education component prepares you to apply knowledge and skills in real-life clinical settings and other healthcare environments.

The varied experiences – more than 450 to choose from – will encourage you to be an evidence-based practitioner, develop professionals behaviors within the healthcare team dynamic, deliver and manage culturally competent and sound treatments of care, and professionally engage and collaborate with all patient and client communities.

  • 34

    Weeks clinical education

  • 20

    Credit hours

  • 450

    Internships opportunities

Breadth, Depth & Expectations

Our clinical education program is based on the recommendations outlined in APTA’s Normative Model for Physical Therapists Professional Education, Version 97. The curriculum reflects the interests of changing healthcare delivery systems, the profession, the patient/client, the clinical facility and higher education principles.  For these reasons, each student’s internship experience must include clinical work in three (3) required practice settings, and one (1) elective of your choice:

  1. Musculoskeletal (e.g., outpatient orthopedics, sports)
  2. General acute care (e.g., hospital)
  3. Neuromuscular (e.g., inpatient/outpatient neuro rehab, sub-acute rehab, skilled nursing facility)
  4. Elective

The 34 weeks (20 credit hours) of internships are interspersed throughout the span of your tenure in the DPT program as follows:

  • The three (3) required internships are conducted as 8-week sessions following the didactic portion of the curriculum
  • The elective internship culminates as one (1) 10-week internship at the end of the program

For more information, download the following documents:

Clinical Assignments

Clinical assignments are the responsibility of the FIU Physical Therapy Director for Clinical Education (DCE), who will consider students’ preferences, the objectives of the internships and the resources available to the department.

The individuals participating in the clinical education experiences include the DCE, the student, the clinical instructor (CI), the center coordinator for clinical education (CCCE), and the academic faculty.

The Clinical Education Expectations for our DPT students are provided and discussed during the Clinical Education Seminar, PHT 5027, which takes place prior to the first clinical internship experience.  Students are advised to include these expectations in their “Physical Therapy Student Portfolio,” which is shared with the individual clinical instructors. 

Refer to the FIU DPT student handbook and the college’s Clinical & Fieldwork resources to prepare you for the FIU DPT clinical education experience.

Background Checks & Screenings

All students of the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences participating in clinical work must submit to background checks, fingerprint searches, drug screenings and immunization tracking through FIU Express.