Tuition & Aid

The following tuition and fees are an estimate of In-State and Out-of-State program costs.  The tuition and fees figures include estimated tuition and fees such as online, health, athletic, parking and access, photo ID, lab and equipment use fees.   Other cost such as student housing and meal plans which can vary, are not included in the estimated cost.  Since tuition and fees can change, these figures are provided as an estimate, for the cost of attendance.

DNP Nursing Anesthesia 110 Credit Program



Tuition only



Tuition + Fees





The FIU Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences hopes that you had a safe summer.    In order to help address the rising cost of offering a high quality learning experience in the Simulated Training and Research Center (STAR Center), students in the Nursing Graduate program will see a new fee when registering for the courses listed below.  The fee will appear on your student financial statement as “STAR Center Equipment Use Fee”.  The purpose of the fee is to help cover the high cost of replacing equipment in the STAR Center that is beyond its useful life.  Please note that the College has made every effort to keep this cost as low as possible, however this fee is necessary in order to ensure the STAR Center equipment is maintained at adequate functional levels.   As a reminder, the College encourages students to review the website for the availability of student scholarships available, as a means to help defray cost.

The following represents the courses and associated fee: 

CareerProgramCourse NumberCourse DescriptionNew Fee
GraduateNursingNGR 6442LAnesth Nsg Sim Pract III$200.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6002CAdv. Health Assessment$166.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6941LAnesth Nsg Sim Pract I$200.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6441LAnesth Nsg Sim Pract II$200.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6491Advanced Anesthesiology Nursing Seminar$200.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6201LAdvanced Adult-Gerontology Nursing I$41.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6601LAdvanced Family Health Nursing I$41.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6301LAdvanced Child Health Nursing I$41.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6503LAdv Psy-Men Hlt Nsg$41.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6202LAdv Ad Geron Nsg II$41.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6602LAdv Fam Hlth Nsg II$41.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6302LAdv Chld Hlth Nsg II$41.00
GraduateNursingNGR 6504LAdvanced Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing II$41.00

Financial Assistance

The Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers several financial aid and scholarship opportunities to eligible students. Visit our Scholarships page to learn more.

Make sure to visit FIU One Stop to see if you qualify for financial aid or scholarships through the university. Scholarship and aid opportunities are periodically available throughout the academic school year.

You can also find a scholarship that’s right for you through Academic Works  a website that matches FIU students with relevant scholarships opportunities. Academic Works is an online scholarship application tool where FIU students can browse and apply for more than 100 scholarships made possible by the generosity of FIU alumni and friends.  Students can apply after they are matriculated into one of our programs.