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Welcome to the Master of Health Services Administration-Program Overview

Our Master of Health Services Administration program educates students to help them develop professional career opportunities. Given how complex healthcare systems are, prepared healthcare personnel and executives are required to stay current with progress and change in the industry. This includes technological innovations. The effective administration of high-quality health services that reduce health inequities are pressing concerns for healthcare professionals. We provide graduates with the tools to drive system-related and organizational transformation through applied principles from the business and health sciences industries. The courses in this program are beneficial because health services administrators are increasingly recognized as capable of participating in technological innovations that improve the operation of healthcare organizations, the delivery of higher-quality healthcare, organizational governance, and patient health outcomes. Our program offers a holistic approach to the healthcare industry with courses that focus on:

  • Organizational leadership and management
  • Quality assessment
  • Design of health information systems
  • Specialized healthcare services
  • Professional development training
  • Problem-solving skills

All students are eligible to be Green Belt Lean Six Sigma certified, without additional tuition fees.

Advanced Healthcare Services Infrastructure and Innovation Focus

Health sciences-based approaches are scarce in conventional healthcare training programs that are typically housed in business schools—most have few courses in the healthcare industry. As a result, they fall short of providing training to match the performance objectives of community health infrastructures and services. Employers may have difficulty recruiting qualified healthcare professionals that focus on healthcare administration if industry-specific training is not available. While business school programs dedicate significant time to developing business abilities, these skills, while important, are insufficient to advance graduates to handle healthcare practitioners and organizations.

Each individual is unique, and our expertise transcends a one-size-fits-all approach. Our curriculum is customized to meet your unique career aspirations, and we collaborate closely with you for engagement in professional growth. When our adjunct faculty members mentor you, you will be taught vital principles in the art of innovation by individuals who are chief executives, chief financial officers, or run their healthcare businesses.

We collaborate with alumni and our advisory board to innovate and stay at the forefront of the latest in the field of health, supported by industry experts and business people who will talk about what it's like to be a healthcare entrepreneur.


Completing the MHSA degree qualifies graduates in various fields of expertise through certifications that would increase earning potential, including the Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), awarded through the American College of Healthcare Executives. Its primary concentration is on healthcare administration, and it is best suited for healthcare management professionals pursuing careers in finance and operations rather than information technology. The following certifications are accessible when paired with the MHSA degree:

  • Certified Medical Manager (CMM): the Professional Association of Healthcare Office Management created this certification program to highlight the need for office management knowledge, abilities, and experience in healthcare settings.
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS): This certification is through the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM): Offered by the American Hospital Association (AHA), the CPHRM certification is regarded as being elite in the healthcare management industry.
  • Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist and culminating with the Certified Revenue Cycle Executive.
  • Other certification options are available through the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management Revenue Cycle Specialists and Managers Certifications ( 

Contact our program coordinator, Marcia Salmon ( or the program director, Dr. Mariceli Comellas ( for specific information on each program, certification, and degree requirements.

The Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Health Services Administration Department, Master of Health Administration (MHSA) program is proud to announce that it has been granted Candidacy Status by the Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). The CAHME Candidacy Program allows the program to be considered for Candidate Status, designed to establish communication, assistance, and continuity between CAHME and programs in healthcare management seeking CAHME accreditation. The “Candidate​” designation indicates that a program has voluntarily committed to participate in a systematic plan of quality enhancement and continuous improvement so that CAHME accreditation is a feasible and operational objective. Candidacy status does not indicate accredited status, nor does it guarantee eventual accreditation. Currently, the MHSA program is participating in its self-study year, which started in 2020 to earn the CAHME accredited status.

  • 6


  • 48


  • 50

    Students admitted bi-annually

Choose Your Learning Track

You have a choice in the academic experience you want to engage in for your MHSA studies:

Online MHSA
  • Offered solely through the FIU ONLINE platform and designed with the working professional in mind, the Online MHSA reflects the highly technological environment associated with the field. Visit the MHSA site at FIU ONLINE for more information.

Fully Online MHSA Option: - 100% Online - 24 months/48 credits - 16 week courses - $36,000. When applying, select MHSA as your major and then select Online as the track.

Fast Track 18-months MHSA
  • We designed our Fast Track 18-months program for students to master the combination of technological and management skills with interpersonal collaborations that define health management at the highest levels. Each course is evenly split between online content delivered through FIU Online and on-campus classroom learning.
Fast Track Hybrid Program Option: - 50% online and 50% face to face - Face to face classes will be split between the MMC and the BBC cam[uses - 18 months/48 credits - 8 week courses - $31,200. When applying, select MHSA as your major.