MHSA Program Competencies

Domain I: Professional Skills and Communication

Develop communication verbally and in writing in professional and informal settings to transmit meaning, foster shared understanding, and efficiently advance agendas.

1.1 Written Communication

Develop written content that is grammatically correct, organized, and transmits meaning to an audience.

1.2 Verbal Communication

Express ideas in a public speaking setting that convey a message, using delivery techniques that foster audience understanding.

1.3 Professionalism

Demonstrate ability to contribute and collaborate in a diverse team environment across disciplines.

Domain II: Organizational Leadership

Execute new strategic objectives, optimize workforce performance, engage stakeholders, lead diverse teams with balanced capabilities while building the organization’s human capital as directed by the organizational mission and vision independently and collaboratively.

2.1 Change Management and Strategic Planning

Identify factors and recommend processes, including technological advances, that facilitate internal and external growth and organizational evolution.

2.2 Performance and Quality Improvement

Evaluate healthcare structure and processes to improve operational and clinical outcomes.

2.3 Human Resources

Evaluate regulatory practices to manage personnel based on best practices for the organization.

Domain III: Economic and Financial Analysis

Use finance and economic analysis to understand consumer behavior, producers, insurers, challenges, and difficulties in the healthcare market economy.

3.1 Distribution of Resources

Analyze the allocation of financial and economic resources and how they impact healthcare, systems, facilities, and services.

3.2 Challenges in the Healthcare Market

Examine economic challenges and disruptions within healthcare systems.

3.3 Financial Management and Budgeting

Analyze financial statements or budgets to understand organizational performance and make decisions based on relevant information.

Domain IV: Healthcare Environment

Identify and implement health policies, including statutes, to address challenges and distribute resources to enhance healthcare systems while demonstrating ethical decision-making.

4.1 Healthcare Ethics

Analyze the impact of regulations and policies based on ethical decision-making in healthcare delivery system environments. 

4.2 Health Policy / Legal Aspects of Healthcare

Examine healthcare policy making processes and critique legal issues at the local, state, national, and international levels.

4.3 Healthcare Information Systems

Evaluate healthcare management systems, data, privacy, security, and interoperability to address administrative and clinical processes considering enhancements within the organization.