MHSA Degree Culminating Experiences

FIU’s Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) program offers an elective Administrative Residency Course every Fall and Summer semester for interested MHSA students.

The HSA 6977, Master's Research Project, and HSA 6875, an Administrative Residency course, are available to students during the last semester in the program. These classes are electives, so students choose to take either one.

The Masters Research Project course (HSA 6977) is a capstone experience during the last semester of the Master's degree. Graduate students may choose to undertake research as an elective. Graduate students initiate a research project with the approval of a faculty member teaching the course during this experience. Generally, students submit a research project centered on a particular aspect of healthcare administration in a community or institutional setting or utilizing publicly available secondary data. Students demonstrate their ability to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired throughout the curriculum.

Research and assessment offer a foundation for identifying critical strategic factors inside and outside the healthcare organization, which may be used to develop customized plans and meet varied organizational circumstances. Subsequent evaluation studies are shaped by research and evaluation. To discover more about why research is fundamentals in the context of a healthcare institution, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality regularly publishes its most recent publications and press releases.

The Administrative residency (HSA 6875) is a capstone experience that may take the form of an off-campus placement at a healthcare organization under the supervision of an on-site management preceptor or an interactive simulation-based resident training program led by the course instructor. Students are exposed to other healthcare professionals and their work situations during the Administrative Residency course. Students are usually exposed to a work environment that should enhance their most important skills.

The HSA-6875 Administrative Residency course will provide students with exposure and hands-on experience of a functional healthcare organization.  The student will encounter real issues that will necessitate sound problem-solving strategies and techniques to resolve in accordance with the organizational culture.  In addition to systematic management planning, routine decision-making, and strategy development and implementation, addressing unpredictable and unplanned events will test the student’s resiliency and management adaptability required in a dynamic healthcare organization.

Students must complete a total of 240 hours at the placement organization.  For eligibility requirements, clinical clearance information and application instructions, download:

Students are free to contact the Clinical Education Coordinator who oversees the Administrative Residency program or the Academic Support Services Coordinator. See contact information below:

Clinical Education Coordinator
Office: (305) 919-4468

Academic Support Services Coordinator
Office: 305-919-4480

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