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FIU’s Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) program offers an optional 3-credit Administrative Residency Course every Fall and Summer semester for interested MHSA students.

The HSA-6875 Administrative Residency course will provide students with exposure and hands-on experience of a functional healthcare organization.  The student will encounter real issues that will necessitate sound problem-solving strategies and techniques to resolve in accordance with the organizational culture.  In addition to systematic management planning, routine decision-making, and strategy development and implementation, addressing unpredictable and unplanned events will test the student’s resiliency and management adaptability required in a dynamic healthcare organization.

Students must complete a total of 240 hours at the placement organization.  For eligibility requirements, clinical clearance information and application instructions, download:

Students are free to contact the Clinical Education Coordinator who oversees the Administrative Residency program or the Academic Support Services Coordinator. See contact information below:

Clinical Education Coordinator
Office: (305) 919-4468

Academic Support Services Coordinator
Office: 305-919-4480