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The mission of the FIU Master of Health Services Administration program is to attract, retain and educate a diverse population of students of South Florida with the skills to become exceptional health services administrators to lead a system of high-performing healthcare organizations. We offer a flexible curriculum for students in the 21st-century who will effectively manage organizational resources, fostering healthier, engaged, and sustainable communities. Our students will be prepared to discover real healthcare solutions for contemporary healthcare challenges by participating in evidence-based research and assessments by offering practical experiences focused on patient outcomes through compassionate care and communication with all stakeholders. Our faculty are engaged in the scholarship of teaching and emergent translational research for the curriculum. Graduates acquire multidisciplinary competencies, knowledge, and values to serve in various healthcare settings and address the needs and priorities of diverse communities to achieve health equity.


The FIU Master of Health Services Administration program aims for our graduates to become leading health services administrators with comprehensive, dynamic, industry-specific, multicultural, and diverse competency-based skills to exalt high-quality healthcare systems. Our graduate students act as catalysts for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare for all individuals. We aim that our graduate students serve as catalysts for improving healthcare efficiency and effectiveness for all individuals.


Excellence, Compassion, Caring, Innovation, Integrity, Cultural Competence, Collaboration, Social Responsibility, Readiness