Plan of Study

The Nurse Educator curriculum provides a unique combination of courses to prepare the graduate in the pedagogical competencies essential to teach nursing in an increasingly complex healthcare environment. 

The technologically enhanced plan of study builds on advanced professional nursing competencies and emphasizes the use of a variety of assessment, instructional, curricular development and evaluative strategies that facilitate learning in culturally diverse populations.

Courses & Syllabi

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Total Credits Required: 38  
Total Clinical Hours:  385

Plan of Study MSN Nurse Educator Program

  • Semester 1: Fall (Aug. – Dec.)
    • NGR 5110 Theories in Nursing 3
    • NGR 5141 Pathophysiologic Concepts 3
    • NGR 5810 Research Methods in Nursing 3

    Semester Credits: 9

  • Semester 2: Spring (Jan. - May)
    • NGR 6172 Pharmacological Concepts 3
    • NGR 5131 Culture in Adv. Nursing Practice 3
    • NGR 6910C Research Project (70-hour Clinical Component) 3

    Semester Credits: 9

  • Semester 3: Summer (May – Aug.)
    • NGR 6002C Advanced Health Assessment (45 hour Clinical Component—4 credits)
    • NGR 6713 Curriculum Development in Nursing (3 credits)
    • NGR 6718 Testing and Evaluation in Nursing Education (3 credits)
    Semester Credits: 10
  • Semester4: Fall (Aug. – Dec.)
    • NGR 6714C Clinical Teaching Strategies for Nursing (105-hour Clinical Component) 3
    • NGR 6715 Instructional Tech. in Nursing and Health Sciences 3

    Total Semester Hours 6

  • Semester 5: Spring (Jan. – May)
    • NGR 6708C Classroom Teaching Strategies (105-hour Clinical Component) 3
    • NGR 6710L Clinical Specialty Practicum for the Nurse Educator (60-hour Clinical Component) 1

    Semester Credits: 4


Plan of study may change at the discretion of the FIU Graduate Nursing Program.