The following is an estimate of in-state and out-of-state program tuition costs for the current academic year. University fees and text-book/supplies cost estimates are included in the calculations. Housing and meal costs are not.

Since tuition and fees can change on an annual basis, these figures are provided as an estimate.

Post-MSN to DNP

Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$22,626
Tuition + Est. costs$26,383
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$40,773
Tuition + Est. costs$44,530

Post-BSN to DNP

Adult / Pediatric / Psych

Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$48,394
Tuition + Est. costs$57,071
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$87,208
Tuition + Est. costs$95,886


Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$50,908
Tuition + Est. costs$59,808
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$91,738
Tuition + Est. costs$100,638

NP Certificates


Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$14,580
Tuition + Est. costs$18,629
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$32,054
Tuition + Est. costs$36,103



Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$16,403
Tuition + Est. costs$20,674
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$36,061
Tuition + Est. costs$40,332



Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$15,947
Tuition + Est. costs$20,253
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$35,059
Tuition + Est. costs$39,365

Nurse Educator Certificate

Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$7,290
Tuition + Est. costs$9,304
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$16,027
Tuition + Est. costs$18,041

MSN Nurse Educator

Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$23,883
Tuition + Est. costs$28,332
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$43,038
Tuition + Est. costs$47,487

MSN Nurse Practitioner

Adult-Gerontology / Pediatric / Psych

Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$28,282
Tuition + Est. costs$30,982
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$50,966
Tuition + Est. costs$53,666



Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$30,796
Tuition + Est. costs$33,629
Non-Resident Tuition Costs
Tuition only$55,496
Tuition + Est. costs$58,329

Financial Assistance

The Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers several financial aid and scholarship opportunities to eligible students. Visit our Scholarship page to learn more.

Make sure to visit FIU OneStop to see if you qualify for financial aid or scholarships through the university. Scholarship and aid opportunities are periodically available throughout the academic school year.

You can also find a scholarship that’s right for you through Academic Works -- a website that matches FIU students with relevant scholarships opportunities. Academic Works is an online scholarship application tool where FIU students can browse and apply for more than 100 scholarships made possible by the generosity of FIU alumni and friends.  Students can apply after they are matriculated into one of our programs.