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Courses & Syllabi

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Degree Requirements

  1. Completion of 43 semester credits. Minimum of 36-40 credits in nursing and 3-6 credits of non-nursing electives. The non-nursing electives are restricted to supporting courses for the specialty area.
  2. Completion of a thesis (6 credits), a master’s paper (3 credits), or a research project (3 credits). Students electing a master’s paper or research project must complete an additional three hours of cognate course(s).
  3. Achievement of an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. See Graduate Catalog in University Graduate School Rules and Regulations for information on Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal.
  4. Removal of all conditions, deficiencies, and incomplete grades. Credit hours for courses in which the grade is “B-” or below will not count toward satisfying graduate degree requirements.
  5. With the exception of thesis courses, students are expected to register for courses with letter grades. Electives may be taken as pass/fail subject to the approval of the advisor.


MSN Level Course Requirements
Graduate Nursing Core: (9 credits)

NGR 5110   Theories in Nursing3
NGR 5131Culture and Advanced Nursing Practice3
NGR 5810Research Methods in Nursing3

Advanced Practice Nursing Core (NE): (9 credits)

NGR 5720COrg Dynamics of Nursing Systems     3
NGR 6726CNursing Management and CQI3

Nurse Executive: (8 credits)

NGR 5723CAdvanced Nursing Administration I    4
NGR 6724CAdvanced Nursing Administration II4

Nursing Administration: (7 credits)

NGR 6712CAdvanced Nursing Administration III 4
NGR 6727Issues & Strategies of Nursing

Nursing Education: (7 credits)

NGR 6710   Role Synthesis in Nursing Education   4
NGR 6713Curriculum Development in Nursing3

Nurse Executive: (10 credits)

NGR 6712LRole Synthesis in Nursing
HSA 6176

Financing and Reimbursement   
of Health Systems

PHC 6443Research Methods in Nursing3


Research: (7 credits)
Master’s Thesis Option

NGR 6970   MSN Thesis I                                   3
NGR 6971MSN Thesis II3

Master’s Paper Option

NGR 6970   MSN Thesis I (Research Paper)         3

Master’s Project Option

NGR 6910CResearch Project                            3



Plan of study may change at the discretion of the FIU Graduate Nursing Program.