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The FIU Graduate Nursing programs integrate teaching, learning, advising and professional advancement into one synthesized academic experience to help each student achieve their fullest potential on their road to becoming an Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).

Our curriculum guides students in the process of self-development to pursue excellence in their scholarly endeavors, fulfill their professional aspirations and answer the call to lead change and advance health through advanced nursing care, patient education and advocacy.

To learn more about the curriculum framework, objectives and organization of our advanced nursing practice programs, download the FIU MSN Curriculum Overview  document.

Course & Syllabi

Visit the FIU Catalog for course descriptions and program requirements.

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  • Enter the Course Code in the “Search Bar” OR select “Graduate”
  • Select “Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences”

Enrolled students can download the program syllabi from FIU Sharepoint - DNP/MSN.

Plan of Study – Dual Masters of Science in Nursing Adult-Gerontology or Child Nurse Practitioner & Nurse Educator Certificate

Fall (Aug. – Dec.) – Semester 1

Credit Hours

NGR 5110Theories in Nursing3

NGR 5141

Pathophysiologic Concepts


Total Semester Hours


Spring (Jan. – May) – Semester 2

Credit Hours

NGR 5131

Culture in Adv. Nursing Practice


NGR 6172

Pharmacological Concepts


Total Semester Hours

Summer (May – Aug.) – Semester 3Credit Hours
NGR 6713Curriculum Development in Nursing3
NGR 6718Evaluating & Testing in Nursing Education3
 Total Semester Hours6
Fall (Aug. – Dec.) – Semester 4Credit Hours
NGR 6714CClinical Teaching Strategies for Nursing3
NGR 6715Instructional Tech. in Nursing and Health Sciences3
NGR 5810Research Methods in Nursing3
 Total Semester Hours9
Spring (Jan. – May) – Semester 5 Credit Hours
NGR 6910CResearch Project (70-Hour Clinical Component)3
NGR 6708CClassroom Teaching Strategies3
 Total Semester Hours6
Summer (May – Aug.) – Semester 6 Credit Hours
NGR 6002CAdvanced Health Assessment4
NGR 6743Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Education Seminar1
 Total Semester Hours5
Fall (Aug. – Dec.) – Semester 7Credit Hours
NGR 6201C or 6301CAdvanced Adult, Child 13
NGR 6201L or 6301LAdvanced Adult, Child Practicum 13
 Total Semester Hours (Adult/Gero and Child)6
Spring (Jan. – May) – Semester 8Credit Hours
NGR 6202C or 6302CAdvanced Adult, Child 23
NGR 6202L or 6302LAdvanced Adult, Child Practicum 23
 Total Semester Hours (Adult/Gero, Child)6
Summer (May – Aug.) – Semester 9 Credit Hours
NGR 6700L or 6337LRole Synthesis in Adult , Child4
NGR 6209 or 6337Clinical Decision Making Adult, Child3
 Total Semester Hours7
Total Credit Hours for Adult Gerontology & Child Health57


Plan of Study – Masters of Science in Nursing Adult-Gerontology / Child Nurse Practitioner Tracks

 Credit HoursAdult-GeroChild
Fall (Aug. – Dec.) - Semester 1   
NGR 5110 - Theories in Nursing3XX
NGR 5141 - Pathophysiologic Concepts3X 
NGR 6172 – Pharmacological Concepts3 X
NGR 5810 - Research Methods in Nursing3XX
Total Semester Hours 99
Spring (Jan. – May) - Semester 2   
NGR 5141 - Pathophysiologic Concepts3 X
NGR 6172 - Pharmacological Concepts3X 
NGR 5131 - Culture in Adv. Nursing Practice3X 
NGR 6910C – Research Project (70-hour Clinical Component)3 X
Total Semester Hours 66
Summer (May – Aug.) - Semester 3   
NGR 6002C – Advanced Health Assessment4 X
NGR 5131 - Culture in Adv. Nursing Practice3X 
NGR 6910C - Research Project (70-hour Clinical Component)3X 
NGR 6743 – Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Education Seminar1 X
Total Semester Hours 88
Fall (Aug. – Dec.) - Semester 4   
NGR 6201C-Adv. Adult or 6301C-Adv. Child3XX
NGR 6201L-Adv. Adult or 6301L-Adv. Child3XX
NGR 5064C-Diagnostics & Therapeutics3XX
Total Semester Hours 99
Spring (Jan. – May) - Semester 5   
NGR 6202C-Adv. Adult or 6302C-Adv. Child3XX
NGR 6202L-Adv. Adult or 6302L-Adv. Child3XX
Total Semester Hours 66
Summer (May – Aug.) - Semester 6   
NGR 6700L-Role Synthesis in Adult or 6337L-Child4XX
6209-Clinical Decision Making Adult or 6337-Child3XX
Total Semester Hours 77
Total Credit Hours 4545


Plan of study may change at the discretion of the FIU Graduate Nursing Program.      

Revised: 5/2020