Plan of Study

All NP Specialty Certificate Tracks

The FIU Graduate Nursing programs integrate teaching, learning, advising and professional advancement into one synthesized academic experience to help each student achieve their fullest potential on their road to becoming an Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).

Course & Syllabi

Visit the FIU Catalog for course descriptions and program requirements.

  • Navigate to the current academic year
  • Enter the Course Code in the “Search Bar” OR select “Graduate”
  • Select “Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences”

Enrolled students can download the program syllabi from FIU Sharepoint – DNP/MSN Programs.

Adult-Gerontology: 32 Total Credits

Family: 36 Total Credits

Child Health: 32 Total Credits

Psychiatric-Mental Health: 35 Total Credits


*Students lacking these required courses must take them prior to registering for the Advanced Health Nursing specialty courses by following the sequence of courses as scheduled and designed.

**Students who have completed the similar course work in their prior degree must submit the course description along with application materials to be evaluated by our nursing graduate faculty.

Plan of study may change at the discretion of the FIU Graduate Nursing Program.      

Revised: 7/2019