Policies & Forms

All students of the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences are expected to abide by the rules published by the university, this college, and the departments pertaining to their program.

Visit the FIU Policies & Procedures Library online or download the university and program-specific student handbooks located in the Handbooks & Manuals section of our website.

Appeal & Grievances

Students and faculty of the FIU Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Services have recourse to formally submit academic and conduct grievances under the guidelines and processes put forth by FIU’s Academic Integrity division and the college’s Student Academic Grievance Policies & Procedures.

Academic Misconduct

Students at the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences are expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity in every aspect of their lives. Honesty in academic matters is part of this obligation.

Academic integrity is the adherence to those special values regarding life and work in an academic community. Any act or omission by a student which violates this concept of academic integrity shall be defined as academic misconduct and shall be subject to the procedures and penalties set forth herein.

The Ethical Panther Hotline at Florida International University is an option for making a confidential report to identify or raise any compliance, suspected misconduct or unethical behavior concerns online (web-based) or via a telephone line. The Hotline platform, i-Sight, is not maintained on the University’s systems and is not maintained by University employees. You may access the Ethical Panther Hotline at https://fiu.i-sight.com/portal or by calling 1-888-520-0570 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

  • Definition of Academic Misconduct:

    The term "academic misconduct" is academic dishonesty and shall include the following acts and/or omissions:
    a. Cheating, which is the unauthorized use of books, notes, aids or assistance from another person with respect to examinations, course assignments, field service reports, class recitations, or possession of examination papers or course materials, whether originally authorized or not. Any student helping another cheat may be found guilty of academic misconduct.

    b. Plagiarism, consisting of the deliberate use and appropriation of another’s work without any indication of the source and the passing off of such work as the student’s own. Any student who fails to give credit for ideas or materials taken from another is guilty of plagiarism.

    c. Misrepresentation by lying to a member of the faculty, staff or administration to increase one's grade.

    d. Misuse of computer services by the unauthorized use of any computer or computer project number or alteration or destruction of computerized information or files or unauthorized appropriation of another's program(s).

    e. Bribery by offering money or any item or service to a member of the faculty, staff or administration to gain academic advantage for one's self or another.

    f. Conspiracy by planning or acting with one or more fellow students, any member of the faculty, staff or administration or any other person to commit any form of academic misconduct together.

    g. Falsification of records, tampering with or altering in any way any academic record used or maintained by the University.

    h. Academic dishonesty in general by any act or omission not specifically mentioned above and which is outside the customary scope of preparing and completing academic assignments and/or contrary to the above stated policies concerning academic integrity. Any violation of this section shall require first a determination as to whether the act or omission constitutes academic misconduct.

  • Procedures

    All matters relating to academic misconduct are referred to the Office of the Provost for Academic Affairs. Acts of academic misconduct may be alleged by faculty, staff or students. Two actions that may be taken are:

    • Expulsion: Permanent separation of the student from the University, preventing readmission to the institution. This sanction shall be recorded on the student's transcript.
    • Suspension: Temporary separation of the student from the University for a specific period of time.

    Visit FIU’s Office of the Provost for more information.


The following forms are applicable for use by ALL students of the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences and across every department, especially as they pertain to clinical placements.


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