Heroes Made Here

When FIU Nursing began as an idea on paper five decades ago, we could not have envisioned how long and fruitful our story would become. Year after year, our talented alumni wrote new chapters of their lives within our programs. They met spouses, started careers and began making their mark on FIU, South Florida and the world.

Their stories represent the humanity at the center of FIU Nursing. For 50 years, they have made us much more than a catalog of classes or a list of degrees. For 50 years, their stories–full of passion, professional achievement and lifelong friendships­–have been our story. 

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We had a nursing pinning ceremony that was awesome, especially for undergraduate nursing students. We had our candles and walked up to get our pins that had a dangling 'BSN' on them. It was an intimate ceremony for the nursing students. I had my entire family there. It was so glamorous, and that was the best part of it all.

Audrey Penelope Miller, BSN '95, CT '14

FIU has always been very supportive. When I went to school at FIU, there was only one building - it is a huge campus now. After I graduated and moved to San Francisco in 1979, my nursing career really took off. I opened the first AIDS inpatient unit in a hospital in the United States. I was also named the first AIDS coordinator ever.

Clifford "Cliff" L. Morrison, BSN '74, MSM '76

I transferred to FIU Nursing within the first year of my undergraduate degree. I had a great experience, and I learned a lot from my fellow classmates. My experience at FIU Nursing really helped me to connect with others. My professors were wonderful. When I graduated, I did my clinical studies at a local hospital, and I continued to work as a patient care technician.

Harpreet K. Smith, RN, BSN '97

I really feel that a person's job or what a person decides to do in life should be something they really love. My passion has always been caring for and giving support to children. The degree I got from FIU allowed me to not only care for children but also teach future nurses how to care for children.

Elena Concepcion Ortega, MSN '05


Commencement Across the Years

Every commencement has been a turning point in the careers of our nursing alumni. It was on the day of their commencement that we had the privilege of seeing them come in as students and leave as nurses. With their graduation, they joined a living legacy of nurses that began in 1974 and continues to this day.

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