Award Winner

Beatrice Ambroise headshot
Beatrice Ambroise BSN ’03, MSN/Ed, RN, CCRN

Ms. Beatrice Ambroise received her BSN from the Florida International University School of Nursing in 2003. She subsequently earned her MSN at Phoenix University with a concentration in nursing education. Ms. Ambroise is a certified critical care nurse and is currently the Clinical Critical Care Nurse Educator at Jackson Health System. As her nominator states, "Ms. Ambroise exhibits the qualities of a true nurse educator and lifelong learner." In her role as clinical educator, Ms. Ambroise consults with the nurse manager to select preceptors for new staff, facilitates progress meetings, and makes recommendations based on evaluation of their progress.

She creates education materials and innovative teaching strategies that meet the needs of various types of learners on the nursing staff. For example, her “SCOOP of the Week” shares bite-sized information by email with staff. Her “Tip of the Week for Educators” shares information on developing educational activities with new and experienced educators.

Ms. Ambroise also disseminates her knowledge and experience at professional conferences, including presentations titled “CAVE in 10 Minutes: An Innovative Teaching/Learning Strategy” and “Navigating COVID-19 Educational Challenges: Scoop of the Week”. Ms. Ambroise's commitment to education and mentoring new nurses in their transition to new roles and developing experienced nurses for career mobility was recognized by her peers when she received Nurse of the Year honors in 2017 and 2022.

Her nominator states that Ms. Ambroise “has shared knowledge, skills, and experience through the role of nurse educator, creating and cultivating an environment that has supported professional development and lifelong learning.”


An alumna/alumnus who has shared knowledge, skills, and experience through their role as a nurse educator, creating and cultivating an environment that has supported professional growth and life-long learning.

For a Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences graduate that has:

  • Been recognized as an inspiring nurse educator by their students and colleagues.
  • Demonstrated leadership in education, curriculum design, innovative teaching methodologies, assessment, and evaluation.
  • Used innovative teaching strategies and evidence-based practice in clinical areas, focusing on scholarly research and dissemination within clinical settings.
  • Contributed significantly to nursing through publications and presentations at the regional, national and/or international level.
  • Led efforts for accreditation of academic programs and/or credentialing of health care systems.
  • Demonstrated commitment to and participation in mentoring, coaching and/or precepting students and colleagues.