Each FIU Undergraduate Nursing program has its own admission requirements and application process. Please review the requirements for your specific BSN program of interest.

The Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Florida International University is a limited-access program with a competitive admissions process based on comprehensive evaluations.

Applications are reviewed twice a year to admit students for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Required Prerequisites Courses

Nursing prerequisites

  • Intro to Psychology
  • Intro to Ethics
  • Any Intro to Statistics
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Nutrition

Science prerequisites

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab 
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab
  • Intro to Microbiology w/lab
  • Survey of Chemistry w/lab

Science prerequisites must have been taken within the last 10 years.

We do not accept courses taken through Portage Learning to satisfy the required prerequisites. Courses taken directly with Geneva College as a degree-seeking student are accepted.

 Florida International UniversityMiami Dade CollegeBroward CollegePalm Beach State College
StatisticsAny Intro to StatsAny Intro to StatsAny Intro to StatsAny Intro to Stats
Anatomy & Physiology I & II with Labs*BSC 2085/2085L
BSC 2086/2086L
BSC 2085/2085L
BSC 2086/2086L
BSC 2085/2085L
BSC 2086/2086L
BSC 2085/2085L
BSC 2086/2086L
Microbiology & LabMCB 2000/2000LMCB 2010/2010LMCB 2010/2010LMCB 2010/2010L
Survey of Chemistry & LabCHM 1033/1033LCHM 1033/1033LCHM 1032/1032LCHM 1032/1032L
NutritionHUN 2201HUN 1201HUN 1201HUN 1201
Growth & DevelopmentDEP 2000DEP 2000DEP 2004DEP 2004
EthicsPHI 2600PHI 2604PHI 2600PHI 1600
Psychology PSY 2012PSY 2012PSY 2012PSY 2012

*Entire series (Part I and II) must be completed at college level in order to meet A&P requirement at FIU.

Admission Requirements

  • Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Florida state college – OR – Completion of FIU’s University Core Curriculum (UCC) (AKA: general education requirements), including Gordon Rule and foreign language requirements.
    • Applicants transferring without an AA degree or from an out-of-state or private college MUST meet the UCC (AKA: general education requirements), must have at least 54 transferable credits, must meet university requirements (i.e. Flent/Flex, Civic Literacy), and must meet nursing prerequisite requirements.
    • Applicants transferring from a Florida state college who completed prerequisite courses are encouraged to obtain the AA degree before transferring credits to FIU.
    • All requirements above must be completed by the end of the spring semester for Fall admission or the end of the summer semester for Spring admission. If any of these courses are not completed by the end of the spring semester for Fall admission or summer semester for Spring admission, the applicant would not be eligible for that application cycle.
  • Minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA for all coursework. Cumulative GPA (including dual-enrollment and transfer courses) is a criterion for competitive ranking.
  • Completion of the required prerequisite courses (listed above) and general education requirements (UCC) by the end of the Spring semester to be eligible for Fall admission or by the end of the Summer semester to be eligible for Spring admission. Applicants must receive a grade of “C” or better for all nursing prerequisite courses. Students earning a grade of “C minus” or below in any science prerequisite course may repeat that course only once. A student who earns a grade of “C minus” or below in any science pre-requisite course for a second time will be redirected to another major within FIU. Advisement relative to other majors/options will be provided.
    • One science failure is allowed as long as the course is repeated successfully. Two science failures disqualifies your application from consideration.
  • Successful completion of the ‘In-Person’ ATI TEAS (Edition VII) nursing entrance exam. Any applicant testing after 4/16/2024 is required to test 'In-Person'. Remote proctored exams will no longer be accepted with a test date of 4/16/2024 or after. To be considered a qualified applicant eligible for admission, you must achieve:
    • Minimum 70% comprehensive score AND
    • Minimum 62% science score
  • Applicants must complete a separate NursingCAS application for the Generic BSN Track.

Transfer & International Students

Transfer and international students must meet all FIU Admissions Standards and additional university requirements before proceeding with an application. Visit the FIU Admissions website for details about applying to FIU.

About our Admissions and Program Policies

Florida International University and Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences policies, procedures, requirements and regulations are continually reviewed to serve the needs of the university/college’s publics and to respond to the mandates of the Florida Department of Education, Board of Governors, the Legislature, and other regulatory and accrediting agencies. Changes in programs, policies, procedures, requirements, and regulations may be made without notice.

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