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  • Who is required to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam?

    Applicants to FIU’s Generic BSN and Accelerated Option BSN programs are required to take the TEAS. Absolutely no exemptions or substitutions are made for this admission requirement.

  • Do I need to apply to FIU before I can take the TEAS exam?

    No.  Also, you do not need to be an active FIU student to take the exam at the FIU Testing Center.

  • Which version of the TEAS should I take?

    Refer to the Admission Requirements section on the program page to confirm the required test edition.

  • How can I study for the TEAS?

    Study manuals, practice assessment packages and other study materials are available at the ATI TEAS store.

  • How can I verify that my official TEAS scores were received?

    Applicants will receive an email confirming their application status.

  • Do I have to submit my TEAS scores again if I reapply to the program?

    TEAS scores must be submitted with each application packet for the nursing program. We are unable to retrieve materials from previous application cycles. It is the responsibility of the applicants to provide the scores each time. Test scores are valid for a total of two years.

  • How many times can I take the TEAS?

    The Undergraduate Nursing Department permits two (2) attempts per application cycle, with a minimum 30-day waiting period between the attempts. The FIU Testing Center requires a minimum 30-day waiting period between attempts. Other testing sites may have their own policies regarding how often or how many times one may take the TEAS. Consult directly with the testing site to clarify.

    Note: Your scores are reflected on your Individual Performance Profile, which is accessible as a PDF. Any additional attempts would be null and void, even if you were unable to meet the minimum requirements in the first two attempts.

  • Do I need to submit the scores from each TEAS attempt?

    Yes. ALL attempts taken in the same application cycle (specific to each program) must be submitted before the program’s application deadline date to ensure that the best overall score is used for your application. Late scores are not accepted.

    Note: Official test results include the number of attempts made on any version of the TEAS, as well as the number of days between the current and last attempt.
  • Can sections from different TEAS attempts be combined for the best overall score?

    No.  FIU Nursing will not cross-combine the best score per section from different attempts. Instead, we will sum the Reading, Math, Science, and English sections from each individual attempt to determine the single best overall attempt. Once the best attempt has been identified, the lower attempt is removed, and the best TEAS score will be used for the applicant’s evaluation.

Generic BSN

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